52 year old client
It was a most worthwhile and well organised programme.  It was tailor-made for me.  Its simplicity and its one to one approach proved extremely effective.  It helped me to enjoy reading.  Now, I can focus and I am able to grasp the meaning of words in sentences and paragraphs much better.  The facilitator was gifted with an extraordinary capacity to read my needs and difficulties with reading, focusing and concentration.  She had a wonderful way of encouraging me and I was amazed at her patience, ability to adjust the speed of the programme work to meet my needs.  It made the entire programme a stress free learning experience.  I had no pressure to get things right.  What a GIFT!  THANK YOU MÁIRE

Mother of 11 year old boy
My son worked with Máire over the Halloween break in 2019. He had struggled with dyslexia and the anxiety that a learning difficulty can cause for an 11 year old boy.
On returning to school, he noticed a huge difference and his teacher commented that he was far more comfortable and relaxed in his approach to learning. School refusal is no longer an issue and his reading and writing are still improving. The techniques Máire taught him to manage his stress and visualise words are part of everyday life for him now.

Mother of 10 year old girl

When I came across the Davis programme while doing on-line research, I contacted Máire Heffernan who was most obliging in explaining the different aspects of the programme. Keen to have our daughter take part in the Davis programme at the earliest opportunity, we arranged for her to do it via ZOOM with Máire Heffernan during the February 2021 primary school half term break. However due to the school closures as a result of Covid 19, we were able to bring these dates forward to late January 2021.  

Our daughter benefited greatly from the Davis programme with Máire Heffernan. Our daughter became calmer & more confident in her ability, she learned how to focus & concentrate & that she thinks in pictures & learns slightly differently to some people. Máire was an excellent facilitator & knew exactly how to handle our daughter. Máire was very patient & worked progressively for the duration of the programme. We learned that it was not unusual for our daughter to need lots of breaks & that she functions better when she has them.  Delivery by web/zoom was very effective and also suited us as we did not need to travel & we could keep an eye on the progress while working from home. We feel that the Davis Programme with Máire Heffernan was worth every cent.