What to expect

Each programme follows a four step process, is always one to one and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual.  All programme material is included.

1.     Initial Consultation 

The first step of the process is a 2 hour meeting between the client and the facilitator to establish rapport and develop a set of goals or areas of desired improvement; the exact goals will vary depending on individual needs.


2.     The Programme 
The programme is of 30 hours duration, usually over 5 days. During the course of the programme the client will work on areas including, but not confined to, focussing skills, alphabet mastery, reading exercises, punctuation mastery, pronunciation mastery and handwriting exercises. The client will also learn the steps involved in the Davis clay modelling approach for mastering the common “trigger” words (words whose meanings are difficult to visualise).   

3.     Support Training   
Training will be provided to a nominated support person usually a family member or trusted friend on the final day of the programme who will continue to support the individual and assist in the ongoing follow-up work.   

4.     Follow up Support  
Up to six hours of follow-up consultations is provided via phone, on-line, or office visits on an as-needed basis.